Sit in the best place in the best concert hall

Impossible sounds all around you

Set System

Adam Gyorgy world famous pianist says it is like “The best place in the best concert hall”. This is the world’s best audio equipment with its revolutionary way of creating sound. In accordance with current requirements, it utilizes NAS and is able to play CD-s and may be controlled via tablet, smartphones or a personal computer.

The StradiSound Set System is a highly sensitive audio equipment, which is a guarantee for reproducing even the most elaborated musical paraphrases. After you listened to your favorite song on the Set System, you’ll instantly know, that it’s time to re-listen to all of your music collection and experience what it’s like to sit right next to your favorite singer or orchestra.

The StradiSound Set System is an integrated and fully-packed system. Nothing else needs to be bought for you to be able to enjoy high-end quality music - be it in a living room or a concert hall seating 300–400.

In order to deliver the best possible result, we ship all StradiSound Set Systems with its own power supply, terminal amplifier, NAS, tablet, router and remote control, so there is no limitation in enjoying your favorite songs like never before.

The equipment is installed by us at the location designated by the buyer. None of the parts of the system may be changed or replaced by other elements, as the audio-equipment only delivers its maximum benefits with the player, terminal amplifier, and cables supplied with the StradiSound Set System – including power supply cables.

“The best place in the best concert hall. ”

by Adam Gyorgy

Facing with the impossible

When we created the StradiSound Set System our goal was obvious from the beginnings: we wanted to create a high-end audio equipment that could provide the listener with an experience as if sitting at the best place in the world’s best concert-hall. Setting expectations so high, it already coded the success. The investor trusted engineers who were successfully developing projects in different fields, putting the team together was already forecasting results. The team included electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, mathematician, physician, sound engineers, acoustician, painters, carpenters, and musician, and tuning specialists, with excellent ears. The leader of the engineering team simply became to be the person who fine-tunes the final product, who had the “ears”.

What is it like?

There are no words to describe it, but we can tell you a little teaser. Just imagine when you close your eyes you won’t be able to decide whether you’re listening to the Set System or a real person singing. Tonality and slides of vocalists and their emotional expressions are life-like. Drums have their own individual and distinctive sounds, just as every breath the vocalists and winds take becomes a part of the music. In the case of symphonic orchestras, every section and every musical instrument can be heard in its own right with its unique sound. This high-end audio equipment will fill a smaller living-room - or even a concert hall seating 300–400 with all these exceptional sounds while only using 96W.

But at the end, you’ll have to listen to it for yourself and you’ll be the one who will be able to answer this very question right after the first song.

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