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The most advanced sound system yet.

The essential philosophy behind creating the StradiSound system is to understand the importance and role of resonance in human nature on a completely different level. Achieving this level of quality allows us to connect human beings to themselves in a way, which was impossible before.

Engineers of StradiSound started to work with no smaller goals in mind, than completely change the way we think of music listening and all traditional and non-traditional concepts of creating sounds in our homes, or in theaters, just as STRADIVARIUS, the famous violin-maker did in the 17th century.

“Out of the box is a place where talent develops”, said Adam Gyorgy, who played a key role in fine-tuning the flagship product of StradiSound, the StradiSound SetSystem.

He believes that Stradisound will change the way of understanding classical music and it will help people to reconnect with the arts in a way they had no chance before.

His personal choice of StradiSound Set System in his home in New York delivers stunning details with excellent vibrations, the execution and ultra-high-end finish of StradiSound “fits my home at Central Park splendidly” says Gyorgy.

StradiSound Products and Solutions

Three manifestations of the same technology. Once you experienced the StradiSound quality, you won't be satisfied with any less.