Acoustic Piano Amplifying

The StradiSound Set System provides sound equivalent to that of a 16 meter piano

Why has it been almost impossible until now?

There's a simple reason behind it: the sound of the piano is just complex enough to make high quality amplification impossible. Overtones and interference confuse all – currently known – sound equipment, and the end-results collapse in chaos.

In classical concert halls, piano makers therefore utilize their largest pianos - without amplification. The bigger the hall, the lower the sound pressure, but there are other issues as well. Namely, that during piano concertos, the symphonic orchestra tends to be overly dominant. Thus further increase in piano size would be needed, which is simply not possible for many reasons.

  1. The hammers hitting the strings would get so far from the keys, that the longer travel in the mechanics would slow the keys down, making repetitions impossible.
  2. Experience shows, that the endless up-sizing of the instrument isn't possible, as above a certain size, no new sounds can be achieved.

For these reasons, the currently manufactured pianos are dialed in at about 3 meters. Not a single piano is bigger than 3,5 meters, even though acoustically there is demand for substantially larger instruments.

The solution is the StradiSound Set System.

As first in the world, StradiSound provided a solution to a problem that has never been solved before.

Why is it so special?

  1. No interference
  2. Speakers can be placed even behind the piano, as the system doesn't suffer from feedback problems.
  3. It replaces sound pressure with sound presence in the entire room.
  4. Neither the artist, nor the audience experience any decline in quality.
  5. The StradiSound Set System provides sound equivalent to that of a 16 meter piano.
Louder and clearer piano sounds all around you no matter where you sit.
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